Rico the Zombie

Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie – Embrace Everything That Is Different from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

Rico the Zombie also known as Rick Geniest talks about how his body modification started and what people do to him on the streets.

Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie – Embrace Everything That Is Different
by The Avant/Garde Diaries

Creative Commons License:

We are in a huge fabric hall. An exposed and obviously uncommon character sits there on a couch. German photographer Nadine Elfenbein will soon continue taking pictures of him.
He smokes his cigarette while making little tricks with it. Short inflammations illuminate his face releasing skull fragments. It’s a Day of the Dead scenery.
We are here with Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie.

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Production A&O, Artists and Organisation / Camera and Editing Jens Schwengel / Interview Jan Joswig / Special Effect Make-Up Twilight Creations / Tamar Aviv, Anke Schiffl / Styling Linda Ehrl / Photography Nadine Elfenbein / Assistent Photography Daniel Wilkniss / Rico Zombie Boy A.K.A. Rick Genest @ IZAIO models / Styling Linda Ehrl / Music Walera Goodman
Photography Nadine Elfenbein nadineelfenbein.com/

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