Inside the Church of Satan

STORM Fright Night – ‘FEAR’ Inside the Church of Satan from IG3N on Vimeo.

STORM Fright Night – ‘FEAR’ Inside the Church of Satan
from IG3N 18 hours ago

For the first time in history The Emporium will be completely transformed into a real life Church…. but this is not just a Church……

When you arrive you’ll be taken through a process of being baptized by a real life Vicar.

Then you will be escorted by The Snake Charmer through the winding corridors of the Church…. to the Grave Yard.

Among the low lying mist and the creepy cobwebs above, you will witness a real life exorcism taking place.

After you have confessed your sins to The Devil in the flesh, you will be taken to the Morgue – HELL in the Purist form.

Through the chilling Morgue you will then arrive ……INSIDE THE CHURCH OF SATAN

Ver. 1.0
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