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Something in the Water


something in the water. from Dennis Kyōsuke Ginsig on Vimeo. A disturbing short film. &nbsp&nbsp Seguir a @ &nbsp&nbsp Ver. 1.0

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Rubber Johnny

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.36.36 PM

Johnny is a hyperactive, shape-shifting mutant child, kept locked away in a basement. &nbsp&nbsp Seguir a @ &nbsp&nbsp Ver. 1.0

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Creepy Hors d’oeuvre

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 3.59.56 PM

Hors d’oeuvre from MONICA MENEZ on Vimeo. Hors d’oeuvre from MONICA MENEZ ASVOFF 5 Award 2012 ” Best Art Direction” DIRECTOR: Monica Menez CAST: Albe Hamiti / Tune Models DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Robert Klinar STYLIST: Sanne Roesch HAIR: Sabine

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Creepy Short Film: Slash-In-The-Box

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 7.52.45 AM

Slash-In-The-Box from Nick Everhart on Vimeo. Slash-In-The-Box by Nick Everhart Creative Commons License: by OFFICIAL WEBSITE: IMDB PAGE (8.0 out of 10 stars): Here’s what people are saying about Slash-In-The-Box: “4 1/2 Stars. ” -Film Threat “Slash-in-the-box is

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Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 4.38.55 PM

HANKSVILLE from lab35 FILMS on Vimeo. A girl in the middle of nowhere has to find her way out. Time seems never to pass and as her wish of being somewhere else grows, a process of self awareness rises up.

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Road’s End

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 1.55.35 PM

Road’s End- A Short by Bri Meyer from Bri Meyer on Vimeo. Road’s End- A Short by Bri Meyer Road’s End is Bri Meyer’s thesis film completed at Ringling College of Art + Design. Where Bri was responsible for all

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“Witch Lake Manor”


“Witch Lake Manor” from Tony Tomasino | Director on Vimeo. Witch Lake Manor Staring Christine Donlon & Devin Kirtz Directed by Tony Tomasino Music – ” Galahad” by Jeremy Grasso &nbsp&nbsp Seguir a @ &nbsp&nbsp Ver. 1.0

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TREATED – a Halloween short film

Treated-Halloween short film

Happy Halloween… or is it? TREATED – a Halloween short film from Matteo Bernardini on Vimeo. “Treated” Written and directed by Matteo Bernardini Cast: The Devil……..Bernard Griffiths The Lady……..Paola Roman The Ghost………Giulia Musso The Skeleton….Leonardo Griffiths The Witch………Carlotta Merlin Cinematography:

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